Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hermanus and the Whales

Went to a place called Hermanus to see whales the other day. Saw them not 100 m off shore, frolicking around and spurting water. Good job all round really, except for the distant photographs.

Also saw little creatures called Dassies, which are the closest extant relative of the Elephant believe it or not. They live on the edges of sea rocks and eat grasses that grow there. Apparently they have hoofed feet like horses, cows etc, but I didn't ask them.

And on the way home some more Baboons.

This guy below was also in Hermanus, and is truly the scariest man I've ever met. He moved around much like a puppet, as though he weighed nothing despite his massive headdress. He also sang through his teeth in a high pitched hum and suddenly burst into fits of staccato, monotone laughter. If anyone gave him money he danced around in circles crying "Thank-lyou, Thank-lyou". The nightmares continue.


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